New Zealand Circulation, Flows and Fronts

Carter, L., Garlick, R. D., Sutton, P., et al., 1998. Ocean Circulation New Zealand. NIWA Chart Miscellaneous Series 76.

[NZcirc] Summarising the characteristics of the surface current systems, oceanic fronts and main water masses including Subtropical Water [STW]; Subtropical Front [STF]; Subantarctic Water [SAW]; Subantarctic Front [SAF]; Antarctic Circumpolar Current [ACC], the northern limit of which is defined by the SAF; Circumpolar Surface Water [CSW] . Currents are annotated as follows: East Australian Current [EAC]; East Auckland Current [EAUC]; North Cape Eddy [NCE]; East Cape Eddy [ECE]; East Cape Current [ECC]; Wairarapa Eddy [WE]; Southland Current [SC]; Southland Front [SF]; Westland Current [WC], and D'Urville Current [DC]; Tasman Front [TF].

[NZ flow] Outlining the main elements of the abyssal circulation including the deep western boundary current [dark arrows] and the overlying but deep-reaching Antarctic Circumpolar Current [light blue arrows]