Papua New Guinea Currents

Adapted from McGregor, et al., 2008.

Of significance to the northern coastal PNG region are the equatorial branch of the South Equatorial Current (SEC), the southern branch of the SEC, the South Equatorial Counter Current (SECC), New Guinea Coastal Undercurrent (NGCUC) and the New Guinea Coastal Current (NGCC). The SEC waters flow into the Coral and Solomon Seas and through the Vitiaz Strait along the north coast of PNG. The NGCUC runs northward along the coast and turns eastward at about 143°E to become the Equatorial Undercurrent (EUC). The EUC strengthens during El Nino events. The NGCC reverses seasonally, depending on the prevailing winds. Also shown are the East Australia Current and the Great Barrier Reef Undercurrent.