Marine Reservoir Correction Database Update Notices

In cases where the 14C measurements were originally reported as δ14C, Δ14C, or pMC values, we recalculated the conventional 14C age, correcting for isotopic fractionation if that had not been done previously. It is sometimes difficult to tell from the literature whether a Δ14C value has been age corrected or not.

Users are cautioned about using reservoir age values from deposit feeders as they may produce anomalous dates. See for example England, J., Dyke, A. S., Coulthard, R. D., McNeely, R. & Aitken, A. 2012: The exaggerated radiocarbon age of deposit-feeding molluscs in calcareous environments. Boreas, 10.1111/j.1502-3885.

If you find an error in our database, please let us know.

21 Mar 2020Wannamaker et al 2012 shells from Iceland
26 Oct 2019Hadden and Schwadron et al 2019 shells from SW Florida
13 Sep 2019Dominguez et al 2016 shells from NSW, Australia
29 Aug 2019Clark et al 2019 shells from New Zealand
26 Mar 2019Paterne et al 2019 shells in Southern Ocean
28 Feb 2019Hall et al 2010 coral in Ross Sea
02 Feb 2019Tisnérat-Laborde, et al, 2013 coral in western Mediterranean
31 Jan 2019Peharda, et al, 2019 Mediterranean bivalve shells
02 Nov 2018Hadden, et al, 2017 Florida gulf coast oyster shells with intra shell variability
13 Apr 2018Panich, et al, 2018 North Pacific coast shells
13 Apr 2018Paterne, et al, 2017 Western Tropical North Atlantic corals. Reservoir ages were recalculated using IntCal13
19 Feb 2018Maboya, et al, 2017 South Africa shells
24 Aug 2017The Hinjosa data has been removed from the database because of concerns the shells were not collected live
27 Jul 2017Petchey and Ulm, 2012, shell dates from Papua New Guinea
13 Jul 2017Diaz, et al, 2017 shell dates from Northwest coast of Cuba
21 Apr 2017Broke out Druffel's Big Island Hawaii coral data into individual points to replace the average value formerly held in mapno=334.
07 Apr 2017Clark, et al, 2006 Palau
20 Jan 2017Hirabayashi, et al, 2017 Ryukyu Islands
06 Oct 2016Wuendsch, et al, 2016 South Africa gastropods
11 Aug 2016Broke out Druffel's Galapagos coral data into individual points to replace the average value formerly held in mapno=360
26 Jul 2016Broke out Druffel's Bermuda coral data into individual points to replace the average value formerly held in mapno=298. Also added her Glover Reef data from Belize
21 Jul 2016Andrews, et al, 2016 Kure Atoll corals
20 Jul 2016Broke out Druffel's Florida coral data at The Rocks into individual points to replace the average value formerly held in mapno=295. Also added her Pickles Reef data
31 Jun 2016Added a ΔR calculation tool to the menu
31 Mar 2016Hinjosa, et al, 2015: New Zealand fjords bivalves
30 Mar 2016Scourse, et al, 2012: North Sea and Iceland shelf shell measurements
03 Mar 2016Bolton, et al, 2016: South China Sea measurements on coral
24 Sep 2015Faivre, et al, 2015: Adriatic Sea measurements. Delta R errors were set to C14 error and Reservoir error was set to quadrature of C14 error and calibration curve error.
29 Aug 2015Komugabe, et al, 2014: Time dependent coral measurements for Tasman Sea. Reservoir ages were recalculated using SHcal13 instead of IntCal09. Calendar age uncertainties were ignored.
20 May 2015Holmquist et al measurements for Southern California estuaries
19 May 2015Hadden and Cherkinsky measurements from Florida Panhandle
31 Jan 2015Started treating intrashell measurements the same as time dependent measurements on corals. They are also indicated by a purple pushpin on the map and a weblink on the mapno in the table. See the coast of Peru for example
12 Feb 2014Coast of Peru data from Etayo, et al. 2014. Noteworthy for the range of ages obtained from single shells
1 Jan 2014Added a time-dependent capability to the database. This is specifically designed for uranium-thorium dated corals, but will ultimately have its scope increased to matched marine-terrestial pairs. The availability of time histories is indicated by a purple pushpin on the map and a weblink on the mapno in the table. For example, see the Isle of Man.
15 May 2013Baltic Sea data from Lougheed, et al. 2013. This is a departure from our policy of using only surface mixed layer samples. Water depths are encoded in the note field
20 Mar 2013Post-industrial and pre-bomb coral data from Indian ocean coast of Australia by Squire et al, 2013
1 Mar 2013Portugese coast by Abrantes et al, 2005
1 Nov 2012Chilean coast by Ortlieb et al, 2011
21 Sep 2012Laptev Sea on the Siberian shelf by Bauch et al. 2001
26 July 2012USA mid-Atlantic coast data by Rick et al. 2012
14 Mar 2012Post-industrial and pre-bomb coral data for the Equatorial Pacific taken by Zaunbrecher 2009
06 Feb 2012Sea of Japan and Okhotsk Sea by Kuzmin
10 Jan 2012A new interface to the database was implimented. You must click on a region of interest and then select "Get Data" to get the user specified number of points nearest the click (default is 10)
18 Oct 2011Western and NE Australia by O'Connor 2010 and Ulm 2010
21 Jul 2011Northeast Atlantic data by Tisnerat-Laborde 2010
27 Oct 2010Set ΔR_err=14C_err across the entire database. This principal had not been uniformly applied in the past. Reservoir_Err continues to be 14C_err with calibration curve error addded in quadrature. Or should be.
27 Oct 2010Corals from Puerto Rico, Kilbourne (2007), have been added. A new paradigm is being adopted, where data for individual coral bands are being added, rather than averaging all of them, as was done in the past.
28 Jun 2010Coast of Israel by Boaretto, 2010
21 Apr 2010St Catherines Island, Georgia by Thomas 2008
21 Apr 2010E. Australia by Ulm 2002
21 Apr 2010S. Pacific by Petchey 2008a,b
21 Apr 2010various corrections by Petchey too numerous to mention
10 Jul 2009Papua New Guinea data by McGregor et al 2008
1 Apr 2009Isle of Man data by Butler et al 2009
15 Jan 2009Introduced user interface based on google maps
14 Jan 2009Added Norway data by Mangerud et al 2006
14 Jan 2009Added Peru data by Jones et al 2007
14 Jan 2009Added Argentina data by Gomez et al 2008. This includes some very anomolous results
14 Jan 2009Added New Zealand data by Saveney et al 2006. The calendar age of these samples is known from a beach uplift date.
14 Jan 2009Added west Africa data by Ndeye 2008
14 May 2008Added St Helena data by Lewis et al
14 May 2008Added Western Pacific data by Yoneda et al
14 May 2008Added central coast of Japan data by Shishikura, et al
24 Apr 2006Incorporated measurements from McNeeley et al. 2006, with exception of samples with Lab Id's of K (Copenhagen), Lu (Lund), and T (Trondheim) which are correct as given previously.
24 Apr 2006Geographic coordinates remain the primary means of accessing the database. However there is now a link to a Generalized Query that allows query by any of the columns in the database
26 Feb 2006Converted database to MYSQL and dropped regional averages
26 Feb 2006Map Numbers have changed
4 Aug 2005additions to Yellow Sea, Carribean Sea
4 Aug 2005add Easter Island
17 Feb 2005ΔR values recalculated with Marine04 calibration dataset
17 Feb 2005reservoir ages recalculated with IntCal04 or SHCal04 calibration dataset
17 Feb 2005additions to SW Atlantic
17 Feb 2005additions to Red Sea/ Persian Gulf
17 Feb 2005additions to E Equatorial Pacific
17 Feb 2005additions to South China Sea
17 Feb 2005additions to S Pacific
17 Feb 2005additions to Coral and Solomon Seas
17 Feb 2005additions to Bismarck Sea (New Ireland)
17 Feb 2005additions to SE Indian Ocean
17 Feb 2005additions to Carribean Sea
17 Feb 2005Nauru and Fanning Islands combined in regional average for W Central Equatorial Pacific (map no 486 removed)
6 Nov 2003add Kenya
6 Nov 2003additions to Hawaii
6 Nov 2003Chatham Islands separated from New Zealand
20 Oct 2002additions to SW Atlantic
14 Jul 2002additions to W Mediterranean
14 Jul 2002additions to W subtropical Pacific
14 Jul 2002add E Mediterranean
14 Jul 2002add Aegean Sea
4 Jul 2002additions to Baffin Bay
4 Jul 2002additions to Puget Sound
4 Jul 2002additions and corrections to W Greenland
4 Jul 2002add Prince Patrick Island
14 Jul 2002add Sea of Japan
11 Jul 2002additions to E Central Australia
21 May 2002additions and corrections to NE Greenland
22 Oct 2001add Java Sea
18 Oct 2001correction to N California (Half Moon Bay)
18 Oct 2001correction to Southern California

26 Jul 2001

New data has been added for:

Eastern and Western Arabian Sea
SW Indian Ocean
E. coast South Africa
Red Sea
Bay of Bengal
South China Sea
Northwest Australia and Java
Java Sea
Yellow Sea

6 Jan 2001

Corrections The reservoir corrections for the following locations were recalculated because the published data was not age corrected as previously assumed:

Fiji (Viti Levu) South Pacific Ocean
Cocos-Keeling Island Indian Ocean
Hurghada and Djibouti, Red Sea

New data has been added for:

Arabian Sea
Bay of Bengal